Best Practices for Restaurants during COVID-19


For Employer, Employee and Customer Safety During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Best practices restaurants will follow in order to comply with the commitments in the Utah Restaurant Industry Promise. Restaurants are experts in safe food handling and sanitation and so many of their routine practices will go a long way towards fulfilling the commitments in the Utah Restaurant Industry Promise. Different strategies will be appropriate for different restaurants at different times, but the following can be implemented or adapted to fit any restaurant’s needs:
  • Designate a single employee per shift, ideally with a clearly identifiable badge for customers to recognize, to oversee safety and sanitation measures
  • Employees shall wear masks (face covering) and other protective equipment in keeping with public health guidelines relating to COVID-19
  • Employees shall wear gloves when handling food or food containers to go as per food safety regulations that are ongoing
  • Limit table capacity in accordance with recommended guidelines which will change during each phase
  • As an alternate option to physical distancing, consider the use of physical barriers when appropriate
  • Tables should be moved apart, removed, or taken out of service. For tables that are unable to be moved, physically block off or take out of service so they are clearly not in use
  • Use signs and/or floor markings to help customers comply with social distance guidelines in common areas.
  • Encourage no-contact payment options like credit cards or on-line payment options
  • Provide staff to serve food so that guidelines for distancing at buffets, topping bars, and other communal serving areas are being followed
  • Have each staff member complete a health survey prior to their shift
  • The restaurant will continue to implement actions in accordance with the most updated Phased Guidelines for the General Public and Businesses to Maximize Public Health and Economic

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