Bill White Farms

5373 Highway 224, Park City, UT 84098
Tuesday - Saturday Noon-5:00pm
(435) 647-2908

Bill White Farms

Nestled here in the Wasatch Mountain range, at 6,455 ft. elevation, you will find our farm. Here on our land, our number one focus is healing the earth. We are generating everything- from produce and livestock, to dirt-to-table fundraising dinners and even cooking and gardening classes. Everything here is earthganically raised.
Earthganic Practices™ differ from organic food production methods because it is a more stringent, comprehensive and holistic approach to agriculture that seeks to work with the natural rhythms of the Earth working with the planet and not fighting to alter what nature has intended.  We decided to trademark the term to show how our Earthganic™ holistic approach to agriculture and ranching is so high above other standards, and it works with nature and not against it.

We embody an ideology of harvesting healthy plants and livestock through revolutionary methods that have raised the ideals associated with those of traditional and organic farming techniques. With every new day, and every new project, we are constantly learning and transforming agricultural techniques to ensure the well being of our community, and communities around the globe for generations to come.  


  • Curbside pick up
  • Take Out
  • Online Ordering
  • Facial Masks Required
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