6 Delectable Restaurants Serving Vegetarian and Vegan Dishes in Park City

When people think about Park City cuisine, they might imagine hearty burgers and game meats. However, we also know how to deliver innovative and tasty vegan and vegetarian meals. From elegant small plates to mouth-watering veggie burgers, our vegan and vegetarian cuisine is on point! So, where do you find great vegan or vegetarian food in Park City? Here are six restaurants you’ll discover some of the best animal-free meals in town!  

1. 501 on Main

501 Main St., (435) 645-0700

501 on Main showcases seasonally inspired cuisine with a focus on farm fresh produce, which always makes for a creative meat-free dining experience. For a light vegan Park City lunch, order their smashed avocado toast, finished with a squeeze of lemon and red chili flake. Pair this appetizer with a cup of Mediterranean spiced chili, which features a hearty blend of local legumes and vegetables. Their dinner menu also boasts elegant vegan and vegetarian options too. Try the creamy seasonal vegetable risotto that’s chopped full of earthy cremini mushrooms, tender squash, and nutty aged parmesan. Or spice things up a bit with their vegan curry. Looking for some vegan and vegetarian brunch options in Park City? 501 on Main has you covered.

2. Element Kitchen and Bakery

1400 Snow Creek Dr. L., (435) 731-8383

Element Kitchen and Bakery prepares organic a la carte items and full-size vegetarian entrees. Their chefs offer dine-in and take-out meals, and grab-and-go animal-free options that are perfect for herbivores. A must-try is the vegan Sujuk platter accompanied by quinoa pilaf, grilled zucchini, hummus, and a petite kale salad. Another vegan favorite is their pillowy gnocchi tossed with pepita pesto. What’s more? They’ve developed a unique Stock Your Fridge menu that offers delectable pre-made meals and take-and-bake casseroles. You can place your orders 24-hours ahead of time and enjoy an expertly prepared vegan or vegetarian meal at home or in your Park City rental. 

3. Twisted Fern

1300 Snow Creek Drive, Suite RS, (435) 731-8238

The menus at Twisted Fern brim with seasonal ingredients and innovative preparations. They offer a variety of plant-based appetizers and entrees that are always delicious and adventurous to try. Start your dinner with the Farinata (a vegan chickpea cake with muhammara and toasted chia seeds) and the fall squash salad tossed with savory granola and maple-chili vinaigrette. For a rich, Park City vegan entree, order their Agnolotti en Brodo, which is a creative combination of sweet potato agnolotti, foraged mushrooms, carrot top persillade, and roasted garlic-Chaga broth. 

4. Yuki Yama Sushi

586 Main St., (435) 649-6293 

While sushi might not be the first thing you think of as a vegan and vegetarian dish, but Yuki Yama Sushi might surprise you. This chic sushi house serves classic Japanese meat-free dishes that are always delicious. Try the O-Ren Ishii roll filled with seasonal grilled vegetables and topped with charred greens, sesame seeds, and finished with yuzu pepper vinaigrette. Also, order the Azumi roll with tempura yam, carrot, greens, avocado, cilantro, roasted brussels sprouts slaw. For a heartier meal, slurp down a bowl of their vegetarian ramen with a housemade broth, green onion, braised daikon, shiitake mushrooms, bok choy, and perfectly poached egg. Don’t forget to check out their impressive Sake and Japanese Whiskey selections too! They have some hard-to-come-by varieties you’ll love. 

5. Harvest 

820 Park Ave., Suite 101, (435) 604-0463

Looking for a simple, yet elegant, vegan and vegetarian PC brunch place? Then stop by Harvest! Here, you’ll find wholesome standouts like the house Muesli made with coconut yogurt, fresh fruit, and almond milk. They also make vegetarian sweet potato stacks with avocado, fried eggs, and spinach. The Buddha Bowl of Goodness is another herbivore favorite that’s made with 11 different nourishing and natural ingredients. As if their exquisitely prepared food isn’t enough, Harvest also roasts their own coffee beans and provides Park City with some of the best java in town. 

6. Cafe Terigo

424 Main St., (435) 645-9555

Cafe Terigo has been serving contemporary Italian cuisine to locals and visitors for over 30 years. While they’re known for hearty meat driven dishes like traditional veal and pork Bolognese, their vegetarian and vegan pasta shouldn’t be overlooked. One of our favorites is the vegan Gemelli pasta–an earthy and briny combination of caramelized onions, stewed eggplant, capers, and tomato sauce. Cafe Terigo also offers an assortment of vegetarian pizzas from classic Margherita to goat cheese and thyme, making it an ideal place to bring your veggie friends and family for a shared meal. 

The Best Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Park City, Utah

From chic bistros to Italian cuisine and local bakeries, Park City area restaurants offer a variety of creative vegan and vegetarian options to meet the needs of every foodie. Looking for even more meat-less or animal-free menus? Visit our website and search by cuisine to learn more.