How Park City Restaurants are Supporting our Community during COVID-19

As we navigate the new landscape due to Coronavirus, Park City restaurants are playing an essential role in helping our community by offering invaluable support to our neighbors. 

We're proud to see local eateries and businesses pivot and come up with creative solutions to flatten the curve, which finds them offering food and helping others despite having limited resources due to the pandemic. Their supportive efforts not only showcase their resilience as businesses, but they also highlight their compassion for our town as they help us do our part as we stay at home. 

Here are a few ways Park City restaurants are supporting our community during COVID-19.

Park City Restaurants Offer Curbside Pick-Up

First and foremost, Park City restaurants are making sure you can continue to experience the delightful elegance of our area's elevated cuisine at home. 

Need suggestions? Tupelo recently introduced a curbside dining option that adds a twist to its popular Supper Club menu. Each order includes a protein option and three delicious sides that can feed a whole household. Other highlights include Harvest Cafe's Abundance Box, which comes with fresh fruits and vegetables, among other goodies you can enjoy at home, and Park City Provision's premade family-pack specials. 

View our list of Park City restaurants currently offering curbside dining and drive-thru options.

Park City Restaurant Supplies Food to Employees 

Park City restaurants demonstrate their appreciation for their employees by offering them a safe place to get complimentary food items for home. One example is 350 Main. They are supporting their staff during COVID-19 by creating a food bank for their team. “We are doing a food bank for our staff for the time being, on Sunday we are going to have a meeting about what to do going forward," Chef Matthew Safranek told Salt Lake Magazine

Restaurants are Donating Gift Card Proceeds to Workers

As part of the effort to reduce the economic impact of COVID-19, Park City restaurants are helping service employees by raising money through gift card fundraisers. All Diversified Bars and Restaurants are donating 100% of proceeds from all restaurant gift card sales directly to their employees. The good news? They can be purchased easily online. Here's a list of participating restaurants: 

Park City Distilleries Lend a Hand by Producing Sanitizer 

We're touched to see how Park City business owners are using their resources to help those in need during the pandemic. Rob Sergent, Alpine Distilling’s founder and manager, transitioned the focus of his distillery away from producing craft spirits towards making hand sanitizer for first responders. The effort was not without cost. He's charitably spent over $10,000 on supplies to make his hand sanitizer and says he'll continue to produce it for as long as he can to support those who need it most. Additionally, The High West Distillery is also taking steps to hand sanitizer as well. 

How Can You Support Park City Restaurants During COVID-19? 

The easiest way to support a local restaurant right now is to make a curbside dining order. Other options include rescheduling a canceled reservation, buying gift cards, and simply being proactive in your community. Remember, we're in this together, and we appreciate everything you're doing at home.