How to Support Park City Restaurants During COVID-19

While Park City is staying isolated during COVID-19, some restaurant workers are safely preparing delectable meals to make our time at home more comfortable and more delicious. However, the hospitality and services industries have been impacted particularly hard as they do their part to flatten the curve by closing temporarily or pivoting their dining models to continue serving us through this difficult time. 

Are you looking for ways to help our vibrant culinary community during the pandemic? Here are five simple–yet dynamic–ways Parkites can support our local restaurants and businesses.  

1. Curbside Dining in Park City

Many of our favorite Park City restaurants are available for curbside pick-up, making it easier for us to continue to support our local establishments and take a night off from cooking. These take-out meals not only satisfy our cravings, but they also provide a financial lifeline to restaurants struggling during COVID-19.

If you're looking for a breakfast fix, take a quick trip to The Eating Establishment for traditional plates and classic Irish fare. When it's dinner time, spice up your night at home with a meal from Bangkok Thai on Main. Their curbside pick-up option offers $15 hot entrees to eat right away or frozen meals you can safely store in your freezer for up to 90 days! With so many Park City eateries providing take-out options, it's easy to support our fine establishments while we make it through this together. 

2. Support Restaurants by Donating

In addition to take-out, you can support local restaurants by contributing to national and local relief funds. From GoFundMe to non-profit initiatives, and restaurant industry collaborations, there’s a wealth of ways to assist our restaurant communities through donations. Not sure where to begin? Here are a few resources to get you started: 

  • GoFundMe Small Business Relief allows you to search for local businesses and restaurants and contribute directly to the recipient of your choosing. Check in often as small businesses are added regularly.
  • The James Beard Foundation Relief Fund is working to offer small grants to independently owned restaurants and bars. Donations will be distributed to establishments across the nation.
  • Go Tip Em gives Parkites the ability to tip their favorite bartenders that are currently out of work due to COVID-19. The premise is fun and easy: post a photo of a cocktail you made at home with the hashtag #GoTipEm and donate to a bartender in the directory. 

3. Purchase Gift Cards 

To get money in the hands of restaurants now, consider purchasing a gift card to use once our eateries are up and running! Not only will this help restaurants with some of their current financial burdens, but they will also give you an excuse to dine at the restaurants in the future. It’s a total win-win. You can purchase gift certificates directly from your favorite joint, or through websites like Rally for Restaurants. And if you need added incentive, all Diversified Bars and Restaurants are donating 100% of proceeds from all gift card sales directly to their employees. 

You can also show your support by purchasing gift cards from PC Gift Cards, an organization launched to help a diverse group of local businesses affected by COVID-19.

4. Follow Restaurants on Social Media and Provide Reviews

Help boost your favorite restaurant's reputation by providing positive reviews online. Your review could encourage a new patron to visit Park City establishments for take-out immediately, or later when our culinary community opens their doors again. You also don't have to stop at reviews to show your support, either. Have a great foodie pic from a previous dinner out? Repost it on Instagram and tag the restaurant. Even just a quick shout out and words of encouragement can go a long way to show restaurant owners and workers you are rooting for them!

5. Reschedule Your Reservation Instead of Canceling 

With all the uncertainties surrounding when restaurants can reopen their dining rooms, your upcoming reservations might be canceled. If your reservation date is coming up soon, instead of letting the cancelation happen, why not reschedule it for a later date? Not only will this guarantee you a table immediately, but it will also help establishments get a sense of their guest counts in the future. 

Supporting Park City Area Restaurants

Our dynamic food establishments have kept our city well-fed, provided community gathering spots, and worked their hearts out to give us top-notch service. During these difficult times, let’s show our restaurants some love. So, grab some take out, donate to culinary causes, and pump them up on social media! Remember, we’re in this together. 

Are you looking for more ways to support our restaurant community? Visit our website and search for establishments to learn more.