Stein Eriksen Lodge to Embark on
Gingerbread Voyage with Viking Ship Display 

Stein Eriksen Lodge Gingerbread Display
With a 13-foot candy cane mast, 8-foot dragon figure, and 9 feet of gingerbread stretching from bow to stern on each side, this year’s Christmas-themed gingerbread display will feature an authentic Viking ship scheduled to set sail at Stein Eriksen Lodge on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2018. The vessel, complete with sail, shields, and oars, will pay homage to Stein Eriksen Lodge’s proud Norwegian heritage. The sight to behold will be docked in the Mountain Lodge next to an elaborate, 32-foot decorated Christmas tree, as part of the Lodge’s imaginative holiday décor.  

The Executive Pastry Chef at Stein Eriksen Lodge continues the 17-year gingerbread tradition that guests eagerly await to see every holiday season. This year’s Viking ship features hundreds of pounds of fresh-baked gingerbread, fondant, cookies, and candy, as well as gallons of whipped royal icing. The construction of the gingerbread display began in October thanks to a collaboration of gingerbread specialists, led by Executive Pastry Chef Jeremy Garcia and Chef Zane Holmquist, VP of Food & Beverage Operations and Corporate Chef. Between the engineering and culinary teams, the spectacle requires approximately a dozen staff to create and construct. 
Stein Eriksen Loge Gingerbread Display
“Our annual gingerbread display is one of my favorite ways to impress our guests during the holiday season,” said Jeremy Garcia, Executive Pastry Chef at Stein Eriksen Lodge. “The level of creativity and passion for such an enormous display – entirely constructed of pastries – is a testament to our team’s dedication to ensure the holidays spent at Stein Eriksen Lodge are an unforgettable experience.” 

Former gingerbread presentations have included movie scenes from Star Wars, PeanutsFrozenDespicable Me 2, and Harry Potter, and intricate models of a whimsical carousel, the Eiffel Tower, and the Empire State Building.